Financial Advisor Marketing

How Should a Financial Advisor Measure Social Media Results?

A good fisherman doesn’t chalk up his success to mere luck. He notes the equipment he used, the fishing hole he chose, and the size of his catch, and compares this information to past fishing trips. Analyzing his methods and results tells him what works and where he can improve, and increases his chances of […]

How to Be Heard Above the Noise

Ever spent all day fishing just to return home empty-handed?  Comedian Steven Wright once quipped,  “There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” Unfortunately, some digital marketing campaigns turn out to be just as disappointing if they haven’t been well planned and patiently executed. Successful fishing is more […]

Building Credibility Through Digital Marketing

Leveraging digital marketing and internet visibility to create and expand your credibility… which then leads to profitability.

Lead the Field By Answering These 5 Marketing Questions

Recently, I had a conversation with a heating and cooling expert that might seem, at first glance, to have nothing to do with marketing or the role of a financial advisor. I called him because my electric bills seemed a bit high, and I had a suspicion that it had something to do with my […]

5 Email Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

For most advisors, the subject of utilizing social media and digitally based marketing strategies is somewhat foreign.  Due to compliance issues and a general skepticism of internet marketing techniques, there are many advisors who have yet to develop their practice in this arena.  The industry, as a whole, has become a bit slow to adapt.  […]

Five Fatal Flaws of Financial Advisors’ Websites

While most industries have “stepped up their game” with regards to online and social media marketing in recent years, financial advisors, for the most part, have been left behind.  Perhaps due to worries over compliance or maybe just due to a lack of knowledge, today’s advisor typically finds himself being poorly represented in a highly […]

A Great Article to Share with Your CPA Connections

Below is a link to an article written by Lindsey Ferguson, CPA from Durham, NC.  She defines the meaning of CPA’s becoming their clients’ “Most Trusted Advisor” and discusses the challenges, benefits, and action steps for CPA’s looking to take their firm to the next level.  Ms. Ferguson takes a pro-active approach which is gaining […]